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Cultural Self-Inventory for Distributed Agile Teams

Tuesday, November 3 - 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

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On an Agile team, the main goal is to create collaborative solutions. For distributed Agile teams, this can be a bit more challenging to achieve without the proper structure in place. But, what is the proper structure, and how can we achieve it? Can we select structures which prioritize individuals and their interactions over tools and processes?  Can distributed configurations be set up to address a team’s social needs in line with Agile cultural values?

Join us for our next #SococoLife webinar, Cultural Self Inventory for Distributed Agile teams, where we provide a detailed self-inventory that any distributed team or team member can use as a reminder to take a step back from tooling and inspect/adapt the communications structures that support your Agile culture.

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Virtual Life Webinar Series

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